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Support the development of the local communities.

Our MISSION is to actively serve the people and the communities Kronospan operates in by engaging in projects that promote social, economic and cultural development.

In doing this, we want to place a special focus on what we believe are moral foundations of

a healthy society – the protection and preservation of our natural environment as well as providing children with the necessary educational opportunities in order to be successful in life.

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Projects we are currently working on

GROW the future of your community by helping us planting over 1.000.000 trees worldwide…

Win a grant of 40.000 EUR to develop the vocational education in your school…

Learn how to bring to life various artistic materials – paintings using various techniques, collages, cards, masks…

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Latest generation SPC flooring

Kronofloоring Sp. z o. O, in Jasło, Poland is one of the 12 Kronospan plants in the world producing flooring and one of the two specializing in the production of waterproof vinyl flooring with the newest SPC technology in the industry.

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Mission, vision, values

Respect. Excellence.

The Kronospan Foundation was founded in 2011 by the global wood-based panel manufacturer Kronospan. Our mission, vision and values are rooted in the core principles of the company, focusing on reinvesting resources into local communities and promoting sustainable development.

  1. The first “Open Your Heart” Charity Gala

    held for the benefit of “Casa Speantei”, a private hospice in Brasov that delivers palliative care services for patients with terminal illnesses.


  2. The second “Open Your Heart” Charity Gala

    held for the benefit of the Children’s Hospitals in Brasov and Sebes. The core of the gala was an auction held in order to raise the necessary funds for the project while promoting the art work of promising local Romanian artists


  3. The third “Open Your Heart” Charity Gala

    held for the benefit of the Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra. Throughout the year funds were raised to acquire a new piano for the orchestra, running various media campaigns focused on the importance of the orchestra to Brasov’s cultural importance.


  4. The fourth “Open Your Heart” Charity Gala

    supported the activity of the Crystal Children Association in Braşov and of the Must! Association in Sebeş, Romania. The associations provide support and dedicated therapy to people diagnosed with autism and autism spectrum disorders. 


  5. The fifth “Open Your Heart” Charity Gala

    This year we set out to bring a fresh, modern and attractive perspective on the vocational education in Romania and to show everybody that “Trades are trendy!”. Now, for the first time after a long time, learning a trade is again a priority for the young generations, who are aware of the benefits of developing specific practical skills.


  6. The sixth “Open Your Heart” Charity Gala

    The event continued the initiative from 2015, by which we set out together with our partners to show that “Trades are trendy!”, by supporting the development of the vocational education in Romania, respectively by refurbishing and fitting the workshops of the Technological High School Sebeş with machinery.


  7. The seventh “Open Your Heart” Charity Gala

    The event restated the commitment of the community to a project of a wide regional interest: the improvement to the highest medical standards of the fittings of the Children Hospital of Braşov by refurbishing and fitting the central sterilisation station with equipment.


  8. The eighth “Open Your Heart” Charity Gala

    the story of this year’s Gala was a crossing point between tradition and future. It was a bridging time, when we highlighted old things through new people and new ideas. We called it T Zero – a symbol of the beginning, but also of the perfect balance.


  9. The ninth “Open Your Heart” Charity Gala

    the event wrote a new story about our communities from Brasov and Sebes. The guests were invited to learn together to see the potential of regeneration around us and to transform what is good into something extraordinary in our cities.


  10. The tenth “Open Your Heart” Charity Gala

    2020 was a year of uncertainty and challenge when the problems in the education system and the unequal access to education that some of the students face re-surfaced.



Letter from the President

There are years when the personal stories we discover through the activity of the Foundation touch us deeply and teach us memorable lessons.

But then there are these other years, just like the last one, when we felt that the gaps between us narrowed for the first time in a very long while and we were suddenly and unescapably all just as vulnerable as each other in the hands of fate. We were dazed, scared and destabilized  down to the v  ery core of our everyday life. It affected our most subconscious social reflexes. All of a sudden, the differences between us faded away in the face of the need for understanding and support.

Fortunately, the good people who stand by you in the good times will be there when the great needs strikes, as it is just the natural place to be. We were able to see that in the good natured way with which our partners replied to the collaboration proposals we sent out. 

Once again, we felt how important the connection we have managed to build over these past 10 years is – we always knew we could rely on each other to help others further down the line.

Paradoxically enough, the 10th yearly Gala of the Kronospan Foundation was the least festive one so far and the tenth year of projects was heavy-going and unpredictable, because of the ever changing conditions. Even a little planting initiative – something as simple as that – turned out to be a major challenge because of the restrictions.

Though undeniably challenging, this 10th year has brought out the altruism in people, despite the social distancing. We could somehow see even more joy in the eyes of the recipients of school stationery and laptops, all convinced that there is still kindness out there. And it made us work harder than ever, which can only be good news for the near future. We can’t wait to meet up again, to shake hands and be able to see each other’s smiles. We want to celebrate together the joy of having overcome what could be the hardest time in our collective journeym, readier than ever to help those who are still struggling and in need of our support.

Dr. Oana Bodea, President of the Kronospan Foundation

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